The group research actives include the development of  experimental platforms that can collect real data gathered from mobile terminals and sensors.


Fusion Platform for Mobile Terminals

We have designed and implemented  a software platform that comunicates bidirectionally with a fleet of Android-based mobile terminals. More specifically, the system includes:   

  • A  web application that allows a centralized  operator to collect in real-time information from the mobile terminals: the server displays georeferenced images and sensor data, and exchange messages, both in the downlink and in the uplink direction.
  • A JAVA server that stores and manages the data received from the mobile devices;
  • An app for the mobile devices, equipped with Android operating system, that acquires GPS position, camera images/videos and sensor data and sends them to the server via the cellular radio channels on TCP-IP protocol;
  • A software module, implemented on an Arduino microcontroller, that manages a set of low-cost sensors, The microcontroller communicates with the Android mobile device.using the  Bluetooth protocol,  

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RFID: System Design & Simulation

RFID (Radio-Frequency IDentification) technology utilizes the radio-frequency electromagnetic fields to wireless deliver data, for the purposes of automatically identifying, monitoring and tracking objects. The proliferation of the RFID technology in the last decade shows its importance as effective solution for a large variety of application scenarios, such as monitoring, homeland security, healthcare, 

Our research activities focus mainly on:

  • design and development of identification and traceability solutions (reader management tools and data collection, analysis and presentation systems) in heterogeneous application scenarios;
  • RFID modelling, optimization (concerning tag anti-collision algorithm in EPC Gen 2 Specification) and performance analysis via simulation.

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