• Text Analysis

    Text Analysis

    Text analysis, via natural language processing (NLP) methods, aims at high-level information extraction. Applications vary from document classification to automatic answering machine. 

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  • Path  Modeling

    Path Modeling

    Agents' dynamics are considered using various motion models. They are  appplied to moving humans and vessels.  

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  • Tracking


    Tracking represents a set  of techniques that, fusing information from various sensors, aims at identifying and predicting  objects'  motion. 

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  • Pose Estimation and Vision

    Pose Estimation and Vision

    Data gathered from various sensor modalities  can be used to model and classify complex 3D scenes.  

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  • Bayesian Networks

    Bayesian Networks

    Probabilistic Graphical Models with message propagation are a very powerful paradigm to build robust models for  real phenomena.

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  •  Neural Networks

    Neural Networks

    Artificial neural networks in various configurations are showing  great potential in a number of applications. 

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  • Machine Learning for Medical Data

    Machine Learning for Medical Data

    The increasing volume of available data in the Healthcare domain suggests to use powerful machine leaning techniques for classification and prediction. 

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  • Estimation Theory

    Estimation Theory

    Estimation theory aims at obtaining  hidden information  from measured empirical data using  stochastic models.

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  • Software for Real-Time Fusion

    Software for Real-Time Fusion

    The group research actives include the development of  experimental platforms that can collect real data gathered from mobile terminals and sensors.

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  • SDR & Wireless Communications

    SDR & Wireless Communications

    Current telecommunication systems are implemented on powerful digital platforms. Software-Defined Radio (SDR) is the paradigms that includes algorithm for coding and modulation on wireless channels.

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